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RUN WILD Benefit Event!

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RUN WILD August 11th 3-7pm

Join local businesses Run2Play and California Wild Ales for a Fundraiser to benefit technological advances in combating childhood obesity.
Enjoy the best sour beers in CA– for a good cause!!


California Wild Ales was born out of love for funky, sour beer. Having grown tired of the hop wars, CWA set sights on producing something different using old world brewing techniques.

Blockchain startup Run2Play is empowering the global fitness community by converting fitness data into digital currency. Run2Play is gaming fitness in their efforts to combat childhood obesity by engaging youth with technological advances which incentivize fitness and encourage healthy community activity.

A glorious array of Funky Sours, excellent company, supporting community, sharing some laughs and enjoying good music.


California Wild Ales Tasting Room
4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd Suite L&M


11, August 2018 3-7pm


Because Run2Play technology is cool and CWA beers are delicious


Generously. 25% of proceeds will be donated to Run2Play’s Kickstarter!

Run2Play sprinting forward with Umergence capital raise!

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Run2Play sprinting forward with Umergence capital raise!

Invest in Run2Play 

From the CEO –

I have officially launched my company, Run2Play‘s Crowdfund via the Umergence platform. This is for accredited investors only, but we will be launching a kickstarter tomorrow to run parallel with this, so anyone can support the cause. The last six months have been a rollercoaster ride, but we have gone from 3 to 30 people involved in that time with a mostly volunteer workforce. Convincing people to work for a cause is apparently one of my talents.

Running a company without capital has been quite the amazing and challenging experience, but it’s time to go to the next level and I’d like to bring my people together in an office in San Diego and start sprinting towards goal after goal. If anyone is at all interested in starting this up and running with us, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Company Mission –

Run2Play is gaming fitness by building the FITchain, a graphene protocol based blockchain that records a user’s activity for life, locked behind a personal key they can only access. Our Platform uses RUNcoin, and proof-of-FITness, to reward users for their fitness activity, bringing the power back to the people when it comes to their data. Run2Play believes that with the democratization of currency through exercise, we could obtain a future where being fit could mean being fed. How far would you run to feed the world?

Company Story – View Presentation

The Run2Play team is headed up by Joseph Anthony, CEO and Founder of Run2Play. Joseph is an App Monetization and User Acquisition specialist, with a background as a Mandarin linguist in the US Air Force, and a history of entrepreneurial endeavors starting at age 14. Years into his success with App Monetization and User Acquisition, Joseph realized that he wanted to use his expertise to create something that would help change the world for the better. He approached his friend (now Co-Founder) Chelsey Clime with his business idea. He wanted to create a game where as the user got stronger and more fit, so did their character in the game. This would incentivize fitness and address the growing problem of childhood obesity.

“I have a hard time accepting we live in a world where both childhood obesity and food insecurity exist simultaneously, and if we can make just a small step towards addressing this issue, we'll have succeeded in our mission.” - Joseph Anthony
“I have a hard time accepting we live in a world where both childhood obesity and food insecurity exist simultaneously, and if we can make just a small step towards addressing this issue, we’ll have succeeded in our mission.” – Joseph Anthony

Joseph and Chelsey worked to create such a game, outsourcing 3D design and fostering the idea of a social fitness activity network. This game, they thought, could create community without borders where anyone with similar fitness levels and interests could be connected no matter where they were in the world. Just about then, Pokemon Go was released.

For the team, the success of Pokemon Go was telling. First, they knew they would be squashed by big developers if their game turned out to be any good. Second, they knew their market had been seriously validated.

“Running for a meaningful cause has always been a passion for many and this technological solution provides a personal and charitable based reward system that encourages all of us to do our best for the greater good.” Sean McMillen, Co-Founder and CTO
“Running for a meaningful cause has always been a passion for many and this technological solution provides a personal and charitable based reward system that encourages all of us to do our best for the greater good.” Sean McMillen, Co-Founder and CTO

Chelsey came on as Co-Founder, and they worked together to pivot the new company’s focus toward creating a Blockchain Fitness Platform. With an expanding team, some incredible advisors, and Trademarks granted, they hit the ground running to develop an MVP. As their whitepaper got stronger and more clear during their discovery phase, they were able to build a website, create a team, and pique the interest of a number of investors. They sponsored CoinAgenda Carribbean in March and met Renat Razumov, who would become not only their Blockchain Architect and technical Co-Founder, but also represent the very fitness guru Run2Play hoped to excite with it’s incentives. Also at CoinAgenda in Puerto Rico, Run2Play found partners in Caine Smith and Ben Kaiser of the AVA foundation. Their company focuses on evolved philanthropy, and was a perfect fit for Run2Play’s goals.

Run2Play has been in a heavy growth period for all of 2018, where a mostly volunteer workforce has fallen in love with the dream and has worked to make it a reality. We have also partnered with Orbiter.com, an RFID band manufacturer, in order to help schools raise money through their fitness programs.

Giving has always been at the core of Run2Play. Run2Play is currently developing a mobile app that measures users’ fitness data and converts it into cryptocurrency called RUNcoin (RUN). With this conversion, Run2Play sees health as literal wealth. At least 10% of users’ earnings must be donated to a charitable cause of their choice in-app. Run2Play hopes to incentivize fitness for the obese in developed nations, and to augment the income of those in developing nations struggling with food insecurity. They begin their crowdfunding efforts on July 12th 2018, and the initial release of the Run2Play app launches Fall 2018.


Run2Play in DC for Blockchain For Social Impact Conference

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The Biannual Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition Conference will bring together government officials, leadings NGOs, charities, think tanks, impact investors, technologists, and innovators to harness the talent, enthusiasm, and resources of the impact community and to strategize about and develop blockchain-based solutions to pressing global challenges in the following areas: identity management, refugee resettlement, supply chain, energy, financial inclusion, human rights, democracy, and voting.

You can check out Joseph Lubin speaking at the conference here

Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
BSIC is an initiative of ConsenSys, a venture production studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

Run2Play heads to New York city for Coindesk’s Consensus Conference

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ere in New York for the Consensus blockchain conference. After one of the most hectic registrations and two hours waiting in line, we finally have our passes.

We are here looking for energetic developers interested in feeding the world with fitness and joining our project.

Also, we are in the middle of a private sale to help fund the Q4 launch and run a successful ICO shortly afterwords. If you would like to discuss please hit me up directly joseph@run2play.com

Lastly, we are happy to entertain a traditional equity deal with value added institutional investors at this time.

Thanks for reading and have a good conference.

Visit us at www.run2play.com

Run2Play is headed to Restart Week in West Puerto Rico!

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RenatRazumov and I are headed to @Restartweek into Mayaguez, Puerto Rico for a Hackathon and a couple of days of networking on the west side of the island. Let us know if you would like to meet up via one of our inboxes.

Add us on Telegram @Run2Play

Add us on Facebook @gamingfitness

From RestartWeek Website:

Announcing #RestartWeek West centered in Mayaguez Puerto Rico, May 11–18, 2018

The community has spoken: the next Restart Week is moving west to Puerto Rico’s college center in Mayaguez, nearby popular surfing town of Rincon and Aguadilla.

Mayaguez is the largest city on the Western side of the island with 20,000 college students — 20% of the 100K population. It is the center for technology on the island, with more computer science graduates than anywhere in Puerto Rico.

Who Are the Restarters?

Restart Week is a movement for the community, by the community. We consider ourselves global citizens, with a common goal of helping boost the local economy of each region we focus on. The week of events is powered by a collective of motivated people from Puerto Rico and across the world on a mission to create lasting positive impact.

The first Restart Week in San Juan was a success with an estimated 2000 conference attendees and over 3000 participants across the city, many of whom traveled into Puerto Rico to attend.

#RestartWeek acts as a positive change agent and catalyst for Puerto Rico’s economy. The collective presence is about economic development and social responsibility. The intent is to leave the island better equipped than when the movement arrived and provide the tools and resources that cannot be readily found locally.